What Are the Biggest Career Restart Mistakes (& How to Avoid Them)?

What Are the Biggest Career Restart Mistakes (& How to Avoid Them)?

You're standing at a crossroads in your career journey. You may have taken a break to explore other passions or feel stagnant in your current job and itching for a change. Whatever your situation, restarting your career can feel both exhilarating and daunting. But fear not because this article dives deep into the biggest career restart mistakes and how to sidestep them confidently.


Did you know that 43% of professionals have taken a career break at some point? Career breaks are more common than you might think, Whether for personal reasons, pursuing further education, or simply taking a breather. Yet, despite the growing trend of career restarts, many individuals stumble over common pitfalls that could have been avoided with the right guidance.


Here, we'll uncover lesser-discussed aspects of restarting your career, from navigating ageism in the workplace to harnessing the power of personal branding in the digital age. So, whether you're contemplating a career change, feeling stuck in your current job, or simply seeking to reinvent yourself professionally, read on to discover how to embark on your journey with clarity and confidence.

Falling into the Skills Gap Trap

It's no secret that industries evolve at lightning speed, leaving many professionals feeling like they're playing catch-up with the latest trends and technologies. According to a survey by LinkedIn, 82% of professionals believe there is a skills gap in the workforce. This gap can be particularly daunting for individuals looking to restart their careers after a hiatus, as they may worry about being perceived as outdated or lacking relevant skills.


But here's the thing: instead of fixating on what you lack, focus on your transferable skills, the abilities you've honed throughout your career that are applicable across various industries and roles. Whether it's leadership, communication, problem-solving, or adaptability, these skills are your secret weapons for navigating the ever-changing job market landscape.

Neglecting Your Network

When restarting your career, your professional network can be your greatest asset or your biggest liability. Yet, many individuals make the mistake of neglecting their network until they're actively seeking a job. Don't wait until you need to start reaching out to former colleagues, mentors, and industry connections.


Instead, cultivate your network consistently, even when you're not actively job hunting. Engage with your contacts on social media, attend industry events, and seek out opportunities for informational interviews. Building and maintaining authentic relationships takes time and effort, but the dividends it pays in terms of career opportunities and support are invaluable.

Underestimating the Power of Personal Branding

In today's digital age, your online presence is often the first impression you make on potential employers and collaborators. Yet, many professionals underestimate the importance of curating a strong personal brand across platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and professional portfolios.


According to CareerBuilder, 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process. What does your online presence say about you? Take the time to audit your digital footprint and ensure that it aligns with the professional image you want to convey.

Avoiding Regrets When Considering a Career Change

Feeling exhausted at work? Hold off on quitting impulsively! Research by Randstad US shows that 34% of people who quit without a new job regret it later. Pause for self-reflection. What drains you in your job? What excites you? Try career quizzes, chat with mentors, and explore options before taking action.

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Remember, a career restart isn't just about finding a new job but crafting a fulfilling future. Avoid these common pitfalls, focus on building your skills and network, and embrace your unique career journey. Tell me, what one step will you take today to build your wings and avoid the career cliff?