The Quickest & Easiest Way To Become an Investment Banker

The Quickest & Easiest Way To Become an Investment Banker

Investment Banking is a special segment of banking operation where a lot of candidates get enrolled each day. It is one of the top courses in India with substantial career possibilities.

Here we will focus on some best Investment Banking courses in the post below. But before that, let's dive into what Investment Bankers do.

What is an Investment Banker?

An Investment Banker is a professional who works for a financial institution and helps companies and governments raise money by issuing and selling securities. 

Investment bankers also help clients with M&A (Mergers and acquisitions) and other financial transactions. They typically have a background in finance, economics, or business and are often highly educated, with many holding advanced degrees such as an MBA.

We have shared an article where you can learn how to prepare for a career in investment banking. Go through it to level up and stay ahead of the competition.

Best Investment Banking Courses

Let's learn about the best investment banking courses below.

Wall Street Prep's Course

There is no better way to learn investment banking than by taking a course offered by actual investment bankers. This is what Wall Street Prep's premium package offers to corporate clients. They provide their course to individuals who want to learn the complexities of investment banking. It's always worth the extra effort when it comes to investment banking.

Wall Street Prep has been a well-known provider of financial training to investment bankers for many decades. They have continued to build on that reputation and maintained it over the years. They now teach the program at top investment banks for new hires and some of the top universities worldwide. The same program is available to everyone and can help you get ahead and grow. 


Imarticus offers a fast-track certification, Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional in partnership with London Stock Exchange. This program teaches investment banking operations to beginners who have less than 3 years of experience.

This industry-endorsed program lasts 2 months if you join on weekdays and 3 months if you join on weekends. Imarticus Learning's CIBOP Program is designed for Financial Operations careers. It teaches how to become an Indian investment banker and industry tips that will help you build your networks.

Imarticus offers this course with both online and classroom instructors. One can also take live classes and record 180 hours of sessions. The program provides students with all the skills required to start a career in investment banking operations and treasury & clearing.


AIWMI offers Investment Banking (CIIB), a comprehensive global certification exam designed to assess a student's understanding of investment banking.

This course is for finance professionals who are looking to advance in their careers. It focuses on Investment Banking Basics and Financial Statement Analysis.


  • Interactive learning tools
  • Professionals only
  • A foundation of expertise

NSE India

The NSE Academy Post Graduate Program in Investment Banking and Capital Markets (PGP IB & CM), which provides comprehensive preparation for CFA Level 1, is a unique program that imparts practical training to students.

NSE India offers both live and classroom training. The candidate can choose the option that suits them best. NSE, in collaboration with Preschool - An IMS initiative offers complete placement assistance for all its enrolled and certified students.

Certificates for Experienced Professionals (4+ years)

These advanced professional certifications are ideal for professionals who wish to make a lateral move into IB. Analysts, interns, associates, and other senior professionals interested in a career change to investment banking can also take these certifications. 

Some of these require minimum work experience, so you may need more time to be eligible.

Analyst in Chartered Investment Banking

It is one of the few professional certifications specifically designed for investment banking. This certification is completely dedicated to Investment Banking. One can learn the content online or in person at a training center.

The course covers everything you need to know to be an IB analyst/ associate or a mid-level professional who is looking for a career change.

This course comprises five modules, each covering one of the most important aspects of being an Investment Banker:
  • Financial Accounting
  • Credit Risk Analysis
  • Corporate Finance and Valuation Methods
  • Financial Modelling
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

It is the next best thing to have real job deal experience. Having relevant experience in finance is essential to level up the skills. This course is best because it uses real-world scenarios and detailed case studies.

Financial Risk Manager

Risk Management has been more important than ever. Continuities have to do so because capital protection is now more important than capital appreciation.

FRM is the gold standard in Risk Management. If you are interested in middle-office roles within Investment Banking, such as risk management, the FRM is for you.

Financial risk management is required by everyone, from wealth managers to hedge fund managers to wealth managers and asset managers to M&A bankers to corporate bankers. It is, therefore, a better match than the CFA.

FRM is slightly more quantitative than the CFA, so the candidate needs to be aware of this before applying. However, if the candidate is interested in Risk management, it is a good idea to be prepared.

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Chartered Financial Analyst

CFAs are most useful for roles in the market. It includes things like trading, investing, portfolio/asset, wealth management, equity, fixed income, market research, and other similar roles.

CFA certification is best if the candidates start early to ensure they are ready for recruitment season. CFA certification is a lengthy process due to the requirements for work experience. 


That’s all about the best Investment Banking courses to land a job as an Investment Banker. It also depends on the experience and skills of the candidates. Well, like any other job, there are both pros and cons of a career in investment banking, so the choice is yours.

Investment Banking is perfect for individuals looking for a job with security, high payouts along with other benefits and perks.