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Relationship Manager Role - Overview, Responsibilties, Skills Required

Relationship Manager Role - Overview, Responsibilties, Skills Required

Banking is a rewarding career as it offers many benefits and perks to its workers. It is highly demanding and the most sought-after career option in the industry.

With the evolution of technology and the digital world, banks are adopting it and providing hi-tech ways for their customers.
Out of many career options in banking, Relationship manager job roles are among the best and most demanding job opportunities.

Relationship Manager in Banking

A Relationship Manager is responsible for building and maintaining strong customer relationships within the company and with clients outside the organization.

They help clients find new business opportunities and advise them on the best products or services they can go for in order to enhance their economic growth and potential.

Well, relationship managers are divided into two fields:
• Client Relationship Manager
• Business Relationship Manager

However, both of them share a common goal of building strong relationships to improve the businesses of clients and firms. A relationship manager can improve relationships with partners through direct or indirect means. They work under the branch manager and may ask them for instructions. Read more about Branch Manager Roles & Responsibilities.

Relationship Manager Roles and Responsibilities

A Relationship Manager is a role that works within the banking and financial sector. This involves helping clients make informed decisions about their accounts, as well as explaining the financial services available to them. They are also responsible for identifying sales opportunities and exploring new business ideas for the client's company.

Relationship managers often work closely with customer-facing staff in order to better understand the client's needs and motivate them to provide the best service possible.

Apart from these duties, a relationship manager is also responsible for performing these tasks:

Understanding Customer: Relationship manager strives to build strong relationships with customers to know more about them and their business. Because the more the relationship manager is aware of the client, the more he will be able to assess the client and their needs.
Interviews: Conducting customer interviews is one of the important roles a relationship manager plays in the banking sector. It is done to know how the business campaigns are going and how it can be improved.
Ensuring customer satisfaction: The relationship manager must ensure the customer is satisfied with the assistance. If the customer is unsatisfied, the relationship manager is responsible for doing everything possible to satisfy the customer.
Meetings: A relationship manager is responsible for setting up meetings with new and existing clients to discuss their goals and objectives.
Customer Issues and Concerns: Resolving customer's issues or concerns is the top priority of a relationship manager. To get things done, the relationship manager can arrange a meeting to learn more about the problem customer is facing.
Developing Strategies: Developing and implementing marketing strategies to grow the customer base to improve business and explore new opportunities for growth.
Researching: The relationship manager is responsible for researching the latest products and ideas and introducing them to customer if it is relevant to them and can help them in their financial growth.
Sales opportunities: It is necessary to look for new sales opportunities so relationship managers focus more on seeking opportunities to improve business.

Qualifications Required for Relationship Managers

The candidate needs to meet these requirements to be able to become a relationship manager in the banking sector:

• Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field
• Some years of Experience in Banking or customer service
• Strong verbal and written communication skills
• Customer Service Skills
• Excellent Computer Skills
• Ability to work in a team
• Capability to work in a fast-paced environment

This role will require you to be knowledgeable about banking regulations and procedures. It would be great if the candidate applying for relationship manager jobs has a degree in business studies, finance, or accounting.

The candidate will be responsible for giving financial advice to the clients and partners, and it is great to have one of the below-mentioned certificates is essential for the one who wants to become a relationship manager.

• Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
• Certified Sales Professional (CSP)
• Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
• Certificate for Financial Advisors

There are many more certifications available across the web anyone can go for. It is best to get certified before starting your career as a relationship manager in banking because it will enable you to manage the partners and help them get more out of their investments.

Getting a certificate not only helps to be good in the career of a relationship manager but also helps in upgrading knowledge as an individual. That further opens doors for new opportunities.

Skills needed to become a Relationship Manager

One needs to have strong communication and coordination skills for better relationships with clients and partners.
Relationship managers must have strong communication and analytical skills in order to understand the products or services being offered, their markets, and other industry trends.

They will be able to communicate with clients and partners more efficiently if they have a good understanding of the technical aspects of the business.

Some of the essential skills needed to be a relationship manager in banking are:
• Communication Skills: The candidate must have strong communication skills to become a relationship manager in the banking sector.
• One must know about customer relationship management (CRM) practices.
• Should have experience in customer service and sales and ways to explore new doors of opportunity.
• Problem-Solving Attitude: If you want to become a relationship manager, it is a must-have trait. Because, at times, it will be needed to solve the issues and concerns of the customer.
• Leadership Skill: Relationship managers need to work in a team, so it's great to have teamwork skills to work efficiently.
• Customer-Oriented Mindset: It is also important to have this skill to become a relationship manager in the banking sector. Because relationship managers need to work closely with customers to know more about them and their business.

Salary of a Relationship Manager

The Salary of a Relationship Manager in India ranges between ₹ 2.1 Lakhs to ₹ 7.0 Lakhs, with an average annual salary of ₹ 3.5 Lakhs. The estimates are based on 78.3k salaries received from Relationship Managers as per AmbitionBox.


The job of a relationship manager is great. However, a relationship manager's job comes with its own set of challenges. They make great money and are in a great position to advance their careers in the future. If you have all the traits mentioned above, you can become a relationship manager in the banking sector.


What does a Relationship Manager do in the banking sector?
Relationship managers are responsible for building relationships with customers and helping them to grow their businesses with proper assistance and guidance.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Relationship Manager?
A relationship manager has various duties, such as creating and maintaining positive relationships with clients, fulfilling their needs, and exploring opportunities for new relations and growth.

What is the salary of a Relationship Manager per month?
The average salary for a Relationship Manager in India is 3.5 Lakhs per year (Rs. 29.2k per month).

What qualification is required to become a relationship manager?
To be able to become a relationship manager, one must have a degree in management, marketing, communication, or a similar field. Experience as a relationship manager in customer service or a similar role in the banking sector.

What is another name for a relationship manager?
The other title for relationship manager is Client Relations Manager.

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