Free Online Career Counselling in India | Best Career Guide

Free Online Career Counselling in India | Best Career Guide

Confused with your current learnings and skills, Are You Looking for Career Counselling Online? Workasssist the best free online Career Counselor near you. Here in this blog today, we will share the importance of career counseling and how to seek free career counseling online in India.

Have you ever dreamt of being Ambani, Buffet, or any of your ideal people, and to be like them you are confused about where to start? This is one of the most common problems nowadays with students. One must seek career counseling by experts to shape their career for a better future. When to seek career counseling and from where will it benefit, how can it provide a better shape for your future? Here we will cover everything you need to know about career counseling and how to seek them near you.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is divided into a vast field that aims at helping people or a company, providing them with assistance with their mental health, future prospects, company valuable decision making, mindset, and well-being. There are several types of counselling that deal with different domains of an individual's life such as Marriage and Family Counselling, Career & Guidance Counselling, Rehabilitation Counselling, Mental Health Counselling, Personality Development, Substance Abuse Counselling, Event Counselling, Performance counseling and Professional growth counseling and so on.

Counselling helps to choose your life goals and to clarify your internal doubts and provide the best assistance for the future roadmap. Different types of doubts are one of the reasons for self-performance doubt leading to a roadway to failure sometime. Counselling helps to rectify these doubts providing better assistance in further decision-making. Here in this article, we will be diving deep into career counselling.

What is Career Counselling?

Choosing the best career is one of the most important decisions we make in our life. Career counselling is the type of counseling that focuses on career domain helping individuals find the right career pathway. There are tons of benefits of career counselling discussed in this article. In career counselling the individuals receive guidance and mentorship from professional counselors having a cast experience in different domains that provide expert advice on the individual's potentials, Aptitude, motivations, skills and shortcomings with the use of different assessments to provide clearer understanding of oneself and their underlying potential in a particular domain as per his/her capabilities which he is unaware of. These assessment tools are both subjective and objective. After carefully studying the individual's Interests and Aptitude, career counselors guide individuals to set their bright career goals.

Benefits of Career Counselling

When it comes to build your career, it's a traditional approach followed to get advice by friends and family members or even your personal intuitions but there are few risk associated with it when looked for a long term vision. As a result sometimes individual's end up exploring a career that isn't truly right for them understanding in the later stages about it. Here come's the role of career counselling, it helps in driving your intuitions and suggestions to the best with the help of mentorship through experts and guidance from the professional researchers. Here are some benefits associated with Career Counselling:

  1. It clarifies your career goals understanding your preferences and helping you to choose a bright career.
  2. It helps one to understand the best career options preferrable by professional career guidance by experts
  3. Career Test determines your hidden strengths and weaknesses understanding your own self more clearly.
  4. The guidance helps you to learns key skills that will help you in your successful career pathway.
  5. Expert guidance will broaden your perspective and help you to develop the right strategies as per your goal change in the future.

Career Counselling benefits in many ways whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. Even if you feel confident about your career path it helps to broaden your approach to career options within. The type of experience you will gain from a career counselor will also be a skill for your future and the mindset that will come with it will be truly beneficial.

Drive Your Career from Confusion to Clarity

There are tons of possibilities where you need career counselling. The major objective behind career counselling is to clarify your confusion and nullify distractions. There are some possible assumptions mentioned below where career counselor plays a major role. If you are confused in any of the situations mentioned below, Workassist is your best assistance then:

  1. Just completed class 12th and needed a career guide!
  2. Stuck in a job place where the environment does not meet your goal requirements!
  3. Need to change the job location or job sector!
  4. Want a specific job considering your location and job title!
  5. Unexperienced and looking for a better opportunity!
  6. Experienced and wanted to get noticed and hired by the Top Companies all over the World!
  7. A biased office environment!
  8. Entrepreneurship Minded and needed direction!
  9. Need to switch the current job as per

Workassist is just not a career counsellor but also a job assistant. Also, Even if you feel confident about your career path and don't plan on taking the advice of a career counsellor, you should crosscheck your approach again.

Best Online Career Counselling in India

Workassist has 10years of experience in career counselling in India having an online as well as huge offline networks of mentors and working professionals all over the world. The expertise of Workassist network and career counselor has a huge success rate in career counselling to school students, college students, graduates, and working professionals. If you're in search of the best online career counselling in India, Workassist is your gateway.

The platform is completely free with tons of amazing features and individual support system through online chat and call as well. WorkAssist also has tie up with few reputed companies, this network helps to drive best suitable candidate or professionals to seek the opportunity from these companies though proper assessment.

Why WorkAssist?

If you are in search of the best career counselling in India for free, Workassist is the only platform that provides one-on-one assistance from beginners (freshers) to professionals. What makes Workassist different from others is, it not only provides free online career counselling but also gives free career counseling certification to showcase his/her future goals based on the best recommendation from experts in multiple domains. Our core expertise is career counselling for students after the 12th, as it is the starting point to build a bright future. Workassist is also a proven free online Job Assistance for working professionals with experience who want to switch as per their internal problems or nonhandy working environment.

The core assistance team at Workassist will assist your step by step just after the successful submission of your latest resume. The resume either of freshers or working professionals will make Workassist understand one's expectations according to which our assistance team will one-on-one serve the best for your future as per your capabilities. No worries, if you don't have your resume created yet, Workassist will help you create your free resume now.

Career Guidance and Job Opportunities in India

Due to less literacy rate in some regions of India people are unaware of the fact behind career counselling in India. Career counselling provides shape to one's future respect to its capabilities analyzed through different capabilities. In today's time not only schools, and parents but also Govt. itself is promoting career counselling for a bright future. People are moving forward with career counselling in their initial stages for a bright future. Workassist has free career counselling online chat system also one can chat through Whatsapp- an instant messaging app for instant solution in any case.

Tons of job opportunities are available in India in different domains. There are lots of job opportunities and multiple career options to go with such as:


It's a myth that one can't change or switch his career. One can anytime switch from consulting career to a digital career vice versa and more. Workassist here can play a tremendous role is assisting you the trend for future in doing so. Get the best career guidance with workassist now, Register for free.


Workassist career counsellor are experts from industries not only providing a career guidance but also promoting best suitable candidates as a referral to big MNC's at backend feel free to reach us to know more about the process. Our Career Guidance is given to individuals to aid them in understanding their skills, abilities, and potential which is important for choosing the right career path. Career guidance after 12th and career guidance after graduation are very important as these are the crucial turning points in a student's life. Career guidance and counselling are provided by professional career guidance counselors to students who are confused as to what career choice to make.

If you wan't to build your career with us, then why to wait. Looking for a better opportunity was never an easy task but it can be simplified through assistance which in a way helps you to clear your doubts by providing the best opportunity at your doorstep. To get our free career or job consultation just follow the 3 step linked short form below. We will reach you to assist you in the best way.

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